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As bantered by a Texas student.

Obama doesn’t want more of the same?

If Barack Obama is so concerned about the direction this country is headed, why didn’t he do anything about it in the senate? He keeps saying we can’t afford to re-elect the party that is causing our economic problems. Does Obama realize that he’s referring to his own party? Hello! Who has control of congress? THE DEMS. So, again, if Obama is so worried, why didn’t he do anything about it in the senate?


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Sean Hannity

Okay, so, I’m a Republican. I cannot stand Barack Obama. But, I must give him some credit. Sean Hannity has lost his mind. Hannity is more than likely not a radical conservative, but that is definitely how he comes off. He just can’t give Obama any slack for anything. I mean, come on. Obama said you can put┬álipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. That’s an old phrase. I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Sean Hannity, on the other hand, tries to make some weak link between Obama’s statement and Sarah Palin’s comment about pit bulls and lipstick in her address to the GOP convention.

Come on, Hannity. That’s a far reach, and you know it.

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The Future of the DNC

The DNC definitely has a significant advantage over the GOP for the race to the White House in this election. The Democrats are more than willing to call our economy “failed.” but what they don’t want to mention is that they currently hold the majority in congress. What does this matter? Well, duh, if they think the economy is doing so poorly, why haven’t they written any legislation to try to get it back on the right track? Still, the economy is likely to waltz Barack Obama straight into the White House.

Has anyone thought to ask what would happen if the Dems don’t take back over? Surely they will. If they can’t manage to get control of the White House this time around, will they ever? With everything in their favor, could they still lose it?

I have no doubt in my mind that the Democrats will win more seats in Congress. Big whoop. They hold the majority right now, and they also hold the lowest congressional approval rating ever. Chuck Norris was right when he said that the Republican congress drove the economy into the ground. He was also right when he said that the Democrats drove it further into the ground when they took over in 2006.

Maybe Americans should revolt against the party system. This way it’s the candidates running for office, not a party. Party interests interfere way too much.

Just a thought. What if? What if they can’t pull it off? Will they ever get back into the White House?

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YouTube has become an increasingly popular way for people to voice their opinions about the presidential candidates. I have to admit, I can sometimes get caught up in the game and I can get into some pretty heated YouTube arguments.

I was watching some video paying tribute to Sarah Palin when I noticed a video response that caught my attention. It was a parody of the selection of Palin by McCain. I must admit, the video was very funny. Some of the comments on it, though, were not. One person was ranting saying something along the lines of “This just goes to show the intellectual capacities of GOP voters.” And then (s)he went on to say that Obama is not an elitist. Pardon me, but isn’t questioning the intellect of another party’s constituency deemed to be elitism? Duh. Okay, so maybe Obama isn’t an elitist, but some (and I’m sure it’s a very low percentage) of his “followers” most definitely are.

You know, I think that Obama would be upset by some of the things people are saying in his defense. The comments really don’t help him as they are intended. The same goes for McCain; his supporters are just as eager to jump the gun.

I recommend going to YouTube and searching for Obama, Biden, McCain, and/or Palin. Who really cares what videos pop up? Just read the comments. It can make for some light entertainment… Unless you get caught up in it and start arguing for your candidate.

Just something to think about.

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Lindsay Lohan on Bristol Palin

So… Lindsay Lohan. Who does she think she’s kidding? She’s attacking Sarah Palin for not being able to control her daughter, Bristol. Well, would it be fair to ask her “So, Lindsay, what the hell were your parents thinking? Young adults don’t get more messed up than you, so what gives you the right to attack ANYONE?”

Seriously, Lohan needs to quit pretending that she’s actually informed.

Hollywood just needs to shut it. I could care less that the majority of the stars from Hollywood are liberal… What I’m more concerned about is the fact that they never have anything entelligent to say. And, to make it worse, young people listen to them. What idiots.

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Politico Bloggers

Politico.com is a reliable source of information. However, some of the people -on both sides of the political spectrum- who participate in Politico’s forums are down right stupid. Democrats think that by slamming the GOP they are making their party sound better and vice versa. The people on these discussion boards almost subtract from the quality of the information provided. It all just needs to stop. I am so tired of the pot calling the kettle black. All politicians lie. Yes, even Sarah Palin lies. Yes, even Barack Obama lies. Let me re-itterate this: All politicians lie. Good night.

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Palin Power

“Palin Power” and “Hockey Moms 4 Palin” signs could be seen all throughout the XCel Energy Center last night. Palin owned the arena in her national debut. End of story. People can say what they will about the Alaskan governor, but I say this: Sarah Palin commands her presence, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Do not underestimate the force of Sarah Palin.

I received an email from the Obama campaign last night that was just hilarious. Apparently, the Obama camp can attack Palin, but she’s not allowed to fire back. I think Obama is just upset because he is not the only superstar in the race now.

John McCain showed his true colors in the selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to serve as his VP running mate. A maverick fighting with and for a fellow maverick. I look forward to watching the senators speech tonight.


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Ron Paul and the RNC

To all the idiots who are bitching that Ron Paul’s votes were not properly counted:

The reason the secretary did not recognize Paul’s votes is because Ron Paul’s name was not placed into nomination. Therefore, in the eyes of the secretary and chairman, all votes not cast for John McCain -who’s name was nominated- are votes for miscellaneous candidates.

Fools. Whining fools.

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Charles Krauthammer

Does anyone else think he comes across as condescending? No matter what happens, he always sees how it could be done better. If situation A happens, he will say that situation B would have been the best. Then what happens when situation B does happen, is he will say that it still wasn’t right. No matter what anyone says, does, or thinks… His opinion always has to be better. I really wish FOX News would quit inviting him on their airwaves.

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Obama Takes on the Media

Last Thursday, Barack Obama gave a historic speech. By Friday morning, no one cared. John McCain made a brilliant move in selecting Governor Palin to serve as his running mate. The selection successfully pulled all the media attention off of Senator Obama and focused it on the McCain campaign.

For months, Bill O’Reilly has been trying to get Obama on his show. Well, Barack Obama has finally agreed to appear on the O’Reilly Factor. Of course, at an attempt to get the media back on him, he’s going to appear on the Factor on the same night that John McCain is slated to give his acceptance speech to the GOP.

Smart move.

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